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Love. Passion. No Boundaries.

How far would you go to find true love? Slip into time and discover endless desire crossing the decades with a carefully curated collection of time traveling tales.





Excerpt of my story – It Started with a Slip:


She crept downwards, pausing at each giveaway creak. She’d tried to count the number of floors when she and Libby climbed to the attic, but the stairs didn’t seem logical. There were little passages shooting off, and sometimes just green-backed doors straight from small landings. Not wanting to end up in the cellar, she glanced over the bannister to try to work out where she was. It looked about right.

She tipped her head to look up. Someone was coming. The steady footsteps of someone descending echoed behind her. Maybe it was that mad woman who’d taken her into the attic in the first place. Beth picked a random door and pushed it open.

A wide, opulent hallway stretched in front of her, but it didn’t look familiar. Her toes sank into the rich, red pile of an ornate rug, and a large display of flowers stood on a console table against the wall. If she could just find the main staircase, she’d be able to reach Dad. She stepped forward, lifting her skirts a little so they didn’t twist around her ankles. The apron she hadn’t taken the time to pull over her head hung uselessly from her waist. Shame flickered through her as the dress gaped at the front where she hadn’t fastened all of the little buttons, and she stifled a shiver as the cool air of danced over her skin. Gathering the front of the dress in one hand, she bunched it closed across her chest. As she glanced about, lookin
g for another staircase or exit sign, a door to her left flew open.

She whipped around. “Oh, thank God. I thought it was just me, here. Excuse what I’m wearing. They pretty much forced me into it. I’m a bit lost, to be honest. I need somewhere to sort myself out so I can leave.” Her ramblings died as she met a pair of cool blue eyes and, for the first time in too long, a tingle sparked low in her abdomen.

His dark-blond hair tumbled over his forehead, and his shirttails were loose as if he hadn’t finished dressing before he’d appeared from the room. As he moved, she breathed the sharp smell of fresh soap.

She glanced at his hands, but she shouldn’t have. Her chest tightened when an image of his fingers tangled with hers flashed through her head, and she cleared her throat as heat raced into her cheeks.

Jerking her chin in the direction he’d just stepped from, she pushed the unexpected flash of attraction aside. “Good room? Is it empty? Would I get some privacy in there to recover myself?” When he remained quiet, she prompted him. “It’s one of the rooms for people to wander about and spend some time in, right?”

The man drew his eyebrows together. “Not usually for the staff.”