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What You Wish For

Never Stop Wishing.

Maggie begins to experience her alternate life in another dimension, and she’s forced to confront the reality of marriage to a man she loves versus the impossible man she’s fallen in love with.

After secrets from her past surface, both of Maggie’s realities are threatened, and as the truth of her past comes to light, she must decide which man she truly loves and which life she wants to live. But the choice might not even be hers to make.

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Two by Two

On board The Salvation, two by two won’t be quite what Noah had in mind.

A match made in… outer space.

When things on board The Salvation take a turn for the strange, witch Penny is thrust into the wacky world of matchmaking. Without the meddling of the space station’s owner, it should have all been so easy.

But it all goes wrong when Penny is ordered to pair The Salvation’s passengers by species. Weres with weres, vamps with vamps, witches with wizards… it’s never going to be received well. Particularly with Penny’s long-time friendship with a vampire.

Is she willing to compromise all of her morals in return for her safety, and what should she do with her best friend—the kind of fanged best friend who makes her feel safe and loved…and jealous?

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The Virgin’s Destiny

Waking up to find herself married to a stranger isn’t what Princess Sareece expected on an otherwise ordinary morning, or what she hoped for her life. In the absence of choice about love, she escapes the palace to claim a day of unbridled freedom. Alone on the road, she meets a traveler, Brin, and sees an opportunity to be set free of her father’s contract.

He’s only in the area to keep an appointment for his family but Brin knows Sara, the mystery woman, is in danger on her own. When she asks him to ensure her freedom by teaching her how to love, however, he must decide whether or not he will be the one who saves her.

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Ho Ho Hocus

An inept witch, her childhood tormenter renovating his cottage next door, a band of mischievous elves, and a love potion that doesn’t work as planned.

When her attempt at impressing her family literally goes bad and her new neighbour looks unexpectedly good, Addison Weller learns she should have listened to her mother. Or at least read the entire spell…because now she’s turned Ben into a dog.

A bit of ho ho hocus and a dash of Christmas magic could be Addison’s only hope for saving him.

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