Author Services

I offer a variety of author services. Below you can find more information about each service. You can book my services using the contact form on my contact page. I currently offer:


I offer a variety of formatting service,s as outlined below. Please use the contact form here to hire me for formatting work.

Basic Package:

  • For the cost of $30 US or £20 (GBP) for the first 30K words and $15 or £10 for each 30K (or part thereof) thereafter, the basic format package comprises of:
  • Total of 3 different file types (ePub, Mobi, PDF) which can be platform specific if your book is being sold wide.
  • One of a range of different themes will be used to personalise your book – to include use of an author supplied graphic as a small chapter header image, dropped cap, etc.
  • Title page using your chosen image, and your title font if I own a licence to the font or it’s free to obtain.
  • Ongoing ‘file management’ for up to 50 errors found by beta, ARC or general readers and changes to back matter. These errors must be sent written as the incorrect sentence and the correct sentence or phrase that needs to replace it.
  • Current copy of your document supplied back to you as an RTF if errors have been corrected.

Optional Extras:

The following services are more bespoke and, due to the time investment on my part into your book, cost a little more.

  • Larger chapter images (up to one half page of your book) and accompanying text. (Cost $15/£10 for each complete or partial block of 20 chapters)
  • For multi or single author boxed sets and anthologies, there is a $15/£10 surcharge on top of the total word count charge in the basic package.
  • Fast Track. Basic packages required inside 24 hours will attract a $15/£10 charge, and formats with customised chapter headings as an optional extra will attract the same charge if they are required inside 48 hours.
  • For 51 – 100 inline error fixes, the charge of $15/£10 will apply. These errors must be sent written as the incorrect sentence and the correct sentence or phrase that needs to replace it. (This charge applies for each 50 errors, or part of, above the 50 included in the basic package.) I have a a spreadsheet for you to complete errors on – this ensures I don’t miss any. Please talk to me if you feel a full reformat may be more economical. (See below.)
    If the author wishes to send an entirely new version of their book (due to having corrected the errors in their own version of the manuscript), $30/£20 will apply for duplication of work.

*Please note: invoices will be cancelled and reissued with a ‘Late Fee’ charge of £10/$15 if a client reaches 7 days without paying their formatting invoice without prior discussion with me.*

Further Information:

I am not liable for authors’ delivery or print costs. While I will work to see file sizes remain reasonable, and take all reasonable measures in my power to achieve this, I also have a duty of care to authors and their work to ensure print copies of files are not blurry. For that reason, each image has a minimum file size.

Where each chapter header is identical (for example, in the basic package) a single image is referred to multiple times, keeping over all file sizes down.

Your format does not need to include images. It can be very plain and clean, if you prefer.

Authors are asked to source and purchase (if applicable) their own stock art for chapter headings/title page so that all licence rates remain with them and they have the pictures available for promotional purposes.

**I remain happy to talk with anyone who wants formatting but has a genuinely constrained budget. Feel free to email me to chat.**


I offer editing for romance books, below you can find my rates. You can hire me for editing services using the contact form here.

  • One pass edit: 0.006 cents per word.
  • Two pass edit: 0.0075 cents per word.
  • Bolt-on third pass: 0.004 cents per word.
  • Proofread: 0.004 cents per word


I do ghostwriting for all romance sub genres and prefer to have the author provide me with a general plot. Please contact me here to discuss further details. I’m also happy to provide samples of my writing or to write to a prompt that the customer specifies.