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Two pieces of great news – both courtesy of Decadent Publishing. 🙂

Firstly, Her Dollmaker’s Desire is available in print! It has been for a little while – it’s just taken me far too long to actually write about it in a blog. It’s available on Amazon, and looks absolutely gorgeous! (I actually framed my copy – books as art, right? :-))



Doll Maker 2Being able to hold a book I’ve written in my hands, or even look at on my wall, will never get old. Even better, my six year old looked at it and asked me why my name is on this book, so I was able to tell her I wrote it. She’s just getting the hang of reading, so she was suitably impressed. The eight year old is over the whole fact I’ve written books, now. 😀



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Also in my news is that Decadent Publishing has contracted What You Wish For to be republished and it is currently with one of their editors. This is great, great news for me, although I almost want to take a hatchet to it in order to improve it. It’s really a great opportunity to be working on it again, as I think a first book will always be special and what could be better than the chance to iron out those little scenes that still cause a niggle? So, What You Wish For will be back. It will look different and have been through another complete set of edits. I’m really excited to be bringing it back.

Framed Books2I’m currently holding a giveaway on Goodreads for Her Dollmaker’s Desire. This is also very exciting as it’s the first time I’ve done one. I hope I’ll also be in a position to do one for the second in the series (but stand alone), Her Undercover Christmas, soon, too. <- this book isn’t just for Christmas. 🙂




Enter the Goodreads giveaway for your own signed print copy of Her Dollmaker’s Desire:


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Her Dollmaker's Desire by Gina Wynn

Her Dollmaker’s Desire

by Gina Wynn

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