Kindle2In 2016, one of my resolutions, or goals, will definitely be to reclaim some of my reading time. You see, I have been a very bad writer, in that I have neither been writing, nor been reading. And possibly that second one is the worst of all. What can I say? Life got in the way.

The day after Christmas, I dusted off my Kindle and set about sorting all of my books. When my middle child was three, she accidentally stepped on my first Kindle, breaking the screen and rendering it unusable. (It wasn’t on the floor, and neither was she. It’s a long story.)

Since then, I’ve barely looked at my new one, let alone arranged all of my books onto it – it was too disheartening when they all returned to the cloud and sat there, mocking me.

Kindle3So I’m surprised…horrified…delighted to discover over 400 unread books loitering in my account for my attention. Worse, I haven’t yet sorted all of them and I have a Kobo app with even more books in. I also have a wishlist with at least 200 further titles on it. Hopefully this is all normal. 😀

So 2016 is it. The year I aim to read through some of my TBR and write some re
views. 🙂 I might not get any sleep this year. I aim to post my reviews at Amazon, Goodreads and Always Write Club, but at least one of them if not all three.

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