Today, I am very happy to have Jessica E. Subject on my blog to talk about what inspires her writing, her new release, and a giveaway. 🙂

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Hi Gina! Thank you so much for hosting me today on your blog! There are many things that inspire my writing. And I’ll share some of them with you and your readers today.

1. Dreams – The very first story I wrote with the intention of publication began as a dream. While the story developed in a different direction, I would not have written it if not for the dream.

2. Conversations – Many stories I’ve written began as conversations with people, including Taken by the Billionaire Alien Next Door. Some begin as conversations about the latest romance troupes, gargoyles, or what shade of blue my aliens are. And often, it’s difficult to get that story out of my mind once it’s planted there. So, I write.

3. Pictures and Pins – I have an entire board of future story inspiration on Pinterest, some are pictures while others are a simple sentence. I also have boards for character inspiration as well as settings.

4. Previous stories – Sometimes I get a secondary character from a previous story requesting their story to be told.

5. Music – On occasion, I’ll listen to a song on the radio, and a story idea will pop into my mind.

Now, with all these ideas, I need to find more time to write…

TakenJes-tbtbaliennd-432x648Taken by the Billionaire Alien Next Door

By Jessica E. Subject

Erotic Sci-Fi Romance

ISBN: 978-0-9948431-0-4

Living on the other side of the tracks was a fantasy Erika never expected to come true. But when her mother marries an investment banker, she moves to a home larger than all her previous houses combined. While searching for her new stepbrother to help with unpacking, she stumbles upon his smokin’ hot neighbor, all alone in his mansion and busy at work on a… flying saucer? Can Erika escape before he notices her, or will she be abducted by the sexy alien?

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A faint hum came from my left, a noise reminding me of the constantly running factory a block away from where I used to live. Maybe it would lead me in the right direction.

As I traipsed down the hall past a multitude of closed white doors, the sound grew louder. But unlike the noise from the factory, this was a higher-pitched sound, almost like a song. I followed the hall as it veered to the right, a steel door at the end. Not inconspicuous at all. It had a simple lock on it, no keypad or anything complicated. So, what lay behind it couldn’t be very valuable. Probably a maintenance room containing the furnace and other equipment to run the monstrous house. Since the latch hadn’t caught and the door stood open a crack, I pushed it wider and peeked inside.

I spotted a guy who could be my stepbrother. With delicate movements, he traced his finger across intricate black patterns on the large, round steel object in front of him, part of a…a….

I stared, unable to move. I think my heart paused for a beat or two while my mind tried to digest the bulky mass in the center of the room.

A spaceship. An honest-to-goodness flying saucer. I gasped. If a model, its creator had designed a damn realistic one with perfect angles and the occasional dent. Maybe from impact with space debris. On the other side of the room, sliding metal doors, heavy chains keeping them closed.

The guy studying the craft spun around, rigid, as if in shock.

I jumped back, not only at being caught, but because of his eyes. They were black. All black. No white, no irises, just a glossy black.

I spun to leave, but the guy moved faster than any human should be able to, appearing in front of me before I made it out the door.


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Taken PG Teaser by the Billionaire Alien Next Door by Jessica E. Subject

Taken by the Billionaire Alien Next Door by Jessica E. Subject – Guest Post

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