I often get caught up in the ceremony of writing a new story. I look through my notebooks and choose one with a cover that represents the feel of the story brewing in my head. If I wrote with pencils, I’d sharpen them all and lay them by my side.

I’m sad to say Dollmaker didn’t receive that sort of treatment. Instead, it was met with swiftly rising panic because I’d just read my assigned fairytale and didn’t have a clue how I could interpret it into a romance. If I remember correctly, the assigned story included a note suggesting maybe ballet dancing, but that kindness only inspired fresh horror as I know nothing about dancing, or about ballet. Only that I would resemble a hippo if I ever donned a tutu.

Still, I found a page in my general notebook (where I put scraps of ideas that might never go anywhere), and began that very day.


This is my actual first scribbles of the first few lines. My very first ideas, when I had no plan for where it would go, or how it would get there. I didn’t know who Amy was (she didn’t have a surname) and I don’t think I even imagined she was an ex-ballet dancer, after all. I didn’t even use my best handwriting, because I never expected to show anyone. 😀

Anyway, those words were written over a year ago, now, in July 2014, just before my children broke up from school for the summer. I can’t remember how much I got written over the six weeks of summer. Probably not a lot – and I have written even fewer words this summer break, because someone saw fit to expand it to seven weeks for 2015.

In case you’ve missed my excitement over having a pre-release, and actually seeing my own name on the font of a book cover, here are the details to buy Her Dollmaker’s Desire. A blurb and extract can be found in the ‘My Books’ section of this blog. (I’m also really excited that I have books to blog about, to be honest. 🙂 )



Her Dollmaker’s Desire has Landed!

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