I never thought, back in February 2014, during a rainy half term holiday from school when I’d spent more time sorting my son’s buckets of Lego than anything else, that I would ever look at one of my own books on Amazon—and complete with beautiful cover.

I’d say it has been a long journey…but it also hasn’t. I found CP’s, and they kept me going, I pitched Wish around to agents and editors…even tried Twitter parties and contests but those things weren’t right for the story in the end. (Plus, man alive, contests are stressful. Like, really.)

I’ve got a pretty stellar collection of notebooks (that I often look at but rarely use, as I prefer the speed of direct typing…well, with my typing skills, I use the word ‘speed’ loosely…and I had a quick hunt through them today. While the initial hand-written draft (scrawled while I supervised the brightly-voloured block sorting) of the first section of Wish is lost to the mists of time, I found what I think is a first typed-up draft, and a notebook full of ideas for the storyline – most of which never came to fruition. Look closely for the original, one-word, working title! 🙂


Maybe some of those ideas can be recycled…who knows.

During the journey of Wish, I have met some truly fantastic people. CP’s, authors Missy Shirley and Diana Waldhuber, without whom a finished first draft of Wish would never have existed at all, and lots more people on Twitter and Facebook, all of whom have leant their support to this endeavour and the ones that followed.

I am currently a ‘baby author’ learning the business side of writing. I have spent the past couple of days sorting out Amazon Central Author pages in two of the international venues (more to come as soon as I find out which way is up)

and establishing myself on Goodreads…I’ve truly arrived, right? 🙂

wish meme 1

If you haven’t managed to pick up a copy of Wish, I suggest…urge…beseech you to consider it, particularly as you can pocket a sneaky, time-limited bargain. Overnight, it went from pre-release to release, and remained at the pre release price of $2.99/£1.99.

If Amazon isn’t your thing, it’s also available at other outlets, and I think for Nook and Kobo, too. Here is a different outlet 🙂 :

Ignore the one flame rating at All Romance ebooks – it’s a 2 – 3 flame book. Not erotica, but with an open door scene.

You can also find me on Facebook and as @Gina_Wynn on Twitter.

If you buy Wish, I hope you enjoy it. 🙂 As ever, full credit to Magali Fréchette for the fantastic cover, and to Missy Shirley for my lovely memes.

wish meme3

What You Wish For – Release Day
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