Recently, I revealed the cover for my book, ‘What You Wish For’. To do this, I asked for help from Lola, of ‘Lola’s Blog Tours’. I have recently invited her to come and visit me at my blog to tell me some more about what she does. I found Lola to be very professional, and always happy to help. 🙂

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Lola’s Blog Tours is a tour organizing business, I organize tours for fiction books. I organize blog tours, book blitzes, cover reveals and review opportunities. I offer my cover reveals for free so new authors can get a feel for my services and returning customers can get a free cover reveal as a thank you for touring with Lola’s Blog Tours. Three things I focus on with my business are Convenience, Communication and Flexibility. These apply to both the bloggers and authors.

When it comes to Convenience, I like to keep things. I list all the materials I need from an author to organize the tour and once I received that I can set it up and the author doesn’t need to do anything else, except help promote the event if they want. For bloggers this means that they receive the materials early in advance and providing them with the media kit both in a word document and as premade html media kit (one for wordpress and one for blogger blogs). This makes scheduling their post easy as they have everything need for their stop and they can easily customize a post however they want.

Communication is one of the core aspects I focus on with my business as I believe that good communication is very important. I try to reply to e-mails clearly and within a timely manner both to bloggers and authors. Communication can prevent misunderstandings and makes sure my tours run smoothly.

Then there is flexibility, when I started my business it was a bit more rigid, but over the course of the last two years I more and more shifted the focus to flexibility. For authors this means that if they want a tour that’s different than the ones I listed that’s possible. Tell me what you want out of a tour and I’ll see how to make that possible. I am flexible with shifting things around to get you the tour you want. For bloggers this means that they can easily switch the date or type of stop they signed-up for or even drop out of a tour if things don’t work out for any reason. There’s also no certain time before when they have to post on a day, as long as they post on the day they are scheduled for or else let me know. So they have flexibility at which time exactly they post.

These things help my business runs smoothly and makes sure that authors get a great tour and bloggers enjoy the experience as well. If you want to know more about working with Lola’s Blog Tours, please check out my services page

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