Woot! Melissa Shirley releases first Lyrical novel set in Storybook Lake! Run out and buy it! Here is a really big cover picture in case you’re worried you don’t know what you’re looking for:

HereHeComesAgain (1)

Welcome to Storybook Lake, where dreams come true.

Not all fairy tales have a happy ending. Jocelyn learned that the hard way, when she married her high school sweetheart Keaton Shaw—only to have him break her heart.

But that was a long time ago. The papers are signed, the divorce is final, and Jocelyn is no longer a little girl with her head in the clouds. That’s why no one in Storybook can believe it when Keaton, the All-American dream boy walks into Jocelyn’s bakery, looking as sweet as one of her frosted cupcakes, and demanding a second chance with the woman he still calls his wife.

Excerpt :

“Jeez, Jocelyn. You could have at least changed into real clothes. You haven’t seen him in how long? And you show up wearing pajamas?” He peered down at my shoes. “And bunny slippers?”

“Yes. I’m in my pajamas. This is what I wear at four AM. If he wanted to see me in something else, he should have gotten arrested at nine-thirty.” I surrendered my sexy lingerie to flannels long ago. Since I spent most of the last three years alone, I had no reason to waste money on teddies and nighties to dry rot in the underwear drawer.

He shook his head muttering something unintelligible, and led me down the hall to a steel barred holding cell at the center of the three hallways. I peeked around Simon to see Keaton standing at the door. He looked me up, then down, and back up again. His lingering gaze burned a trail up my body.

“Nice,” he said, chuckling. “I always loved those jammies.” He winked and grinned his come hither grin.

I couldn’t help but smile at the joy he still appeared to get from teasing me. One upon a time, it had been our foreplay. Well, a lot changed since then. Someone forgot to tell my girlie parts, which sprung to attention at seeing him, but I could give as well as I got these days. Despite the racing heart and sweaty palms, I patted my own back for coming up with, “Well, they did always look better on you.”

“Mmm. I love when you’re sassy.”

“And I love seeing you behind bars.” I also loved when he dropped his lids to half-mast and gave me the sleepy eyes when he flirted. Not that I planned to mention it to him.

He tilted his head. “Are you bailing me out? Or do you wanna come in?”

Those bedroom eyes did me in every time. And the body. And the smile. And knowing he could set my world on fire with one touch. Oh, stop it. He broke your heart.

I rolled my eyes and peeked over his shoulder. The sheets were dingy. The cell sat out in the open, connecting three hallways. Grime and graffiti littered the floor. “I’ll give Simon the money and be on my way.” I turned to my brother and asked, “Hey traitor, how much?” I paused when I noticed the birthday cake Simon held outstretched. I’d spent three hours decorating the monstrosity that morning. A two-tiered chocolate and butter-pecan adorned with intricately sculptured butterflies, which tested my absolute will to live. For my trouble, I’d put a ridiculous price tag on it, knowing I would end up taking it home and inviting Simon over to share.

As he held it out to me, Keaton opened the unlocked cell door and stepped out to hug me from behind. His hand slithered up my arm to my neck and brushed my hair aside, giving his lips open access to press a soft kiss onto my sensitive pulse-point. I resisted the urge to close my eyes as he whispered, “Surprise.”

It took me a full open-mouthed minute to figure out what exactly this meant. Keaton’s lips had been on my body, so conscious thought lived in the same realm as miracles and flying fish. When the entirety of their sham struck me, and the object of the game being played became clear to me, fire blazed in my veins, and not the good kind. I pushed the cake back at my brother. It crushed quite nicely into the chest of his turd-brown uniform. After turning on my heel, I stomped to the front door. They both chased after me. Keaton called out my name; my brother followed, licking buttercream icing from the front of his shirt.

“Please, Joss. Wait.”

Keaton caught my elbow as I pushed my way out the front door. The old familiar electricity zinged its way up my arm and straight to my heart.

“I wanted to see you for your birthday.”

I ignored the sincerity in his eyes. My anger at being duped, and oh yeah, cheated on, was bigger than my sense of nostalgia. “And there are twenty hours left in this day. You could have waited for daylight.” I didn’t hate Keaton. Instead, I hated my body for betraying the anger I fought hard to hold on to, and I despised my brother for taking Keaton’s side yet again. Looking at the ruination of my beautiful cake, crumbled to pieces of the ground, made me clench a fist, preparing to punch them both.

He put his hand on my waist and pulled me in close. For some reason, I allowed it.

“Baby, we always did better under the moonlight.”

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