It’s 2nd January 2015, and all ready my mind is teeming with changes. First change, the Christmas decorations need to come down this weekend, and the knock on effect of this will (hopefully) be a tidy house for the first time since…. oh, it feels like forever since I displaced everything to begin December.

The children return to school on Monday, so that is another big change around the house. The break they have over Christmas is unlike any other. The biggest thing is they’re both so occupied with everything that’s going on, they barely have time to be bored. They’ve adjusted their sleeping habits, too, so we get to lie in past 6:30 most days. I’ve enjoyed having them at home, so I’m not pushing them out of the door back to school, like I do at the end of most breaks.

I’ve started a new story (about 3500 words since New Year’s Eve) and the shift in mindset from the last one can be quite dramatic. Especially given that I’ll need to switch backwards and forwards when I edit the old one ready for publication, but continue to write this one. That will be a new skill to acquire.

The change to published author is one I’m looking forward to! Hopefully, it’s the first of many titles good enough for publication. I’ll certainly work hard to make it that way. With a new story comes different music and a fresh playlist of songs that sparks inspiration, ideas, and ‘feel’ of the characters involved.

Another change coming up is a change in title for my book. The title I’ve been working to (almost since the day I started) is “Last Dance of the Doll Maker” but I wrote a lot of book after that and the title may not necessarily reflect it, so it’s to be reconsidered.

Ring in the Changes
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