So, I’ve been gone a little while, child wrangling and writing and all that good stuff. And it’s Christmas tomorrow, so even better, but probably a good idea if we don’t discuss present wrapping. I’m not finished yet and am deeply traumatised by something taking me so long to do that will be UNdone in mere seconds.

But, in other news, I received a contract for the Decadent Publishing story I mentioned back in July, so that has been an amazing early Christmas present for me.

Once I have myself in gear and send a completed contract back (it now needs to wait until AFTER the chaos *sob*), I will allow myself to go into full celebratory mode. Christmas is positioned very badly for me, this year. 😀

Oh, but one thing I have done, and I found very exciting, is put a Pinterest inspiration board together for the story. I guess the title is subject to change, still, depending on how it fits with the Beyond Fairytales’ line, but I’ve been calling it “Last Dance of the Doll Maker”. You can find the Pinterest board here if you feel like having a look at what I wrote about:

Last Dance of the Doll Maker Pinterest Inspiration Board

I might still rearrange the board it, although part of me loves seeing that picture of chocolate cake first.

I’ve also set myself a Facebook page – feel free to drop in and say hello. I’m always happy to meet people and to chat – I have a very high quota of words to get through in any given day, so chatting is sort of my thing. I’m on Twitter, too, but that confuses me a little – am I supposed to try to keep up, or just jump back in where people got to while I was away? 🙂 I sort of do a bit of both.

Anyway, I just wanted to do drop by and share my news. I’ve got quite a bit of paperwork to fill in now, instead of just hiding out from the rest of the family. Wish me luck.

Lastly, have a fantastic day tomorrow, and I hope you manage to finish all of your wrapping without bodily and emotional trauma.
Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder – Right?
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